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Mixed Girl Hair… Again.

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Today I got highlights at a salon near where I work. I walked in a few weeks ago and compulsively made an appointment because lightening my hair was on my mind. I asked if they did curly hair and the woman who booked me assured me that they do. I wasn’t excited by the cost but it was convenient and it would scratch my itch of wanting to do something summery with my hair. Well,let’s just say it was an awful experience that reminded me of trying to find salons that would do my hair (well) when I was little. After washing my hair the woman took me to her station, put a small amount of leave in conditioner in my hair and started brushing it. She put me under the dryer for a bit and then took me to the front desk to pay. It looked so bad I pulled it into a tight bun before leaving. This is what it looked like when I took it down:


I sent pics to my cousin who recommended I deep condition and then decide whether or not I liked the color. I followed her suggestion and now I look like a well adjusted (i.e. not crazy) person. It’s hard to believe that someone would claim being a curly hair stylist and let a client leave looking the way that I did. Huh…



Better Together

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Apparently there is an ice cream company that thinks it is appropriate to sell a carton of ice cream that is half chocolate and half vanilla and call it ‘the Great divide.’ WTF. WWWWWHHHHHHTF. A mixed race family took it upon themselves to suggest an alternative name to the company ‘better together.’ That sounds a little more fitting but why racialize ice cream? Ughhh.



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Being a White Student at a Historically Black College

Drake and Meghan on Twitter

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I googled biracial on twitter. The tweets that surfaced were golden. Basically, the status of biracial people being categorized as black in some circumstances and not black in others is arising in a public way as people are criticizing Meghan for identifying as biracial (as opposed to black) and Drake claiming a black identity (but being criticized for really being biracial). Sounds like the making of insecure attachment to racial identity. Here are some of the tweets:

…the larger contextual issue with Drake in blackface that i think Pusha T brough to the surface (i think, unintentionally) is LESS about blackface, and i think more about our community’s feeling towards biracial individuals and their relationship to their blackness…

essentially, who gets to do what, who gets a pass to do and say certain things, who is “supposed” to defer to others with regards to conversations entailing race and identity politics/issues, so on and so forth…

the idea presumably being, if this was Pusha T in blackface, wouldnit be as jarring? would the conversation be as nuanced? my immediate answer is no. we love Drake. the underbelly of that love is some i think have always questioned his “blackness” and potential leveraging of it.

unfortunately, i feel like someone’s blackness becomes a point of contention and becomes open for questioning when said individual is biracial. “are you black enough?” both in context of actual skin color and just from a hereditary standpoint.

very subjective, incredibly vague and consistently grey and ever-changing.


Just gonna come out and say this. Y’all are really not consistent with who’s biracial and which mixed people are black to you 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️


😂 so biracial (black and white ) people are not black now ? The one drop of black blood rule doesn’t make a different anymore ? When did this change ? White People changed the rules ? Damn, I bish cant choose sides if they are mixed. Humans are soo confusing

Drake Diss Targets his Biracial Identity

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Well, Drake is currently in a ‘rap battle’ with another rapper named Pusha T. Pusha released a track attacking Drake and writes: ‘Confused, always felt you weren’t black enough/ Afraid to grow it ’cause your ‘fro wouldn’t nap enough.”

Pusha also released a photo of Drake in… blackface. Oh Drake =/

Yeah, as biracial people we know there are things we aren’t allowed to do, and wearing blackface isn’t even at the top of that list because it’s too obvious to even be written down. Yikes. Bad brother. He claims that it was commentary on how ‘African American’s’ (he is Canadian) are type cast as actors. Still, really bad bad bad idea.



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Here’s a little article which details Drake’s ideas about race and identity:


A-racial Identity, Delusion and the End of Suffering

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I have been thinking lately about the idea of identifying as ‘a-racial.’ The idea here, is that as individuals we have the power and the choice to declare who we authentically are. We can chose how we identify ourselves and we will also have an associated feeling of degree of identification. We might feel anywhere on the spectrum from strongly to vaguely connected to that identity. How we identify does not have to align with the many stories that other people project onto us. In this way, we might have ‘social identities’ (how society sees us)which are in-congruent with our ‘psychological identities'(how we see ourselves). This in-congruence can be a source of frustration and confusion.

I started thinking that for many people, there isn’t only an in-congruence related to how we racially identify, but also related to degree. For example, someone might identify as ‘mixed race’ but the degree of identification might be very faint and, I believe it’s perfectly plausible, that the degree can dim to zero leaving a person with no identification at all. So, society might see that person as mixed race, or a host of other races and might assume that the person identifies strongly with any one of these identities. It might be assumed that this is a salient identity for this person. So, even when society and the individual agree on the category of identification, there might me in-congruence when it comes to degree. This might feel very ‘off’ to the individual if the disparity is great.

I think it is also plausible that some people never develop an identification with any racial identity, thus their degree of identification remains at zero. This person might have a racial ‘social identity’ or, a racial identity that is projected onto them from the outside but they may not feel an authentic identification with this concept. It’s plausible. This experience, of non-identification with a racial identity, I suggest, can be termed a-racial and for those on the low end of the spectrum (but not at zero) I suggest the term ‘grey-racial.

I think it is very important to remember that race is a concept that was made up. It is a belief that was created in order to oppress people. It is the very definition of a delusion. Today I listened to a lecture about greed, aversion and delusion and the speaker suggested that these practices are suffering and when we ‘lean into them’ this creates more suffering. I was thinking about race before listening to the lecture and so I immediately related this to racial identity and made the conclusion that leaning into a racial identity or a world view that believes in racial identities, creates suffering. Maybe dimming our identification with our racial identities can dim the amount of associated suffering that we create for ourselves and others. This is plausible.

One more thing! There are places and moments in this world, when and where race is not salient identity. When i lived in a rural town in Northern California, the salient identity was whether or not you were Native American. You either were Native or you were an outsider. I could write an entire blog post about this and I’m not going to do that now. I just wanted to emphasize the concept of salience.

Here is the single article written about aracial identity: