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Biracial Girl by Sean Fury

Posted in mixed media on May 29, 2012 by jerlina

There is something completely bizarre about this. Maybe it’s the breakdancing? I can’t put my fing… oh maybe it’s everything about this video. Yeah, i think that’s it.


Halfricans Unite!

Posted in mixed media on March 20, 2012 by jerlina

I found this great Radio Diary by a mixed guy from Boston, which is part of an NPR storytelling project. It’s a really well produced segment- deffinitly worth listening to.

Jeff’s Diary: Halfrican


while editing this I started singing to myself “Im a halfrican im a halfrican and i know what’s happenin!”


Montana Judge Sends Racist (against mulattos) Email

Posted in mixed media on March 2, 2012 by jerlina

“A little boy said to his mother; ‘Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re white?’ His mother replied, ‘Don’t even go there Barack! From what I can remember about that party, you’re lucky you don’t bark!’

This is from an email that a Montana Federal Judge forwarded to his buddies. Racist? Yes. Funny? Kinda. I was kinda excited because it’s the only piece of mixed-people news I’ve come across in a very long time. Here’s the article:

Montana’s chief federal judge admitted on Wednesday that he forwarded an email comparing African-Americans to dogs and implying that President Barack Obama’s mother had sex with animals.

Richard Cebull’s email, obtained by the Great Falls Tribune, reads: “Normally I don’t send or forward a lot of these, but even by my standards, it was a bit touching. I want all of my friends to feel what I felt when I read this. Hope it touches your heart like it did mine.”

A joke then follows: “A little boy said to his mother; ‘Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re white?’ His mother replied, ‘Don’t even go there Barack! From what I can remember about that party, you’re lucky you don’t bark!'”

Cebull forwarded the offensive email from his official court account to six “old buddies,” who then forwarded to others.

In an interview with the Tribune, Cebull maintained he did not send the email because it was racist, but because it was ‘anti-Obama.’

“The only reason I can explain it to you is I am not a fan of our president, but this goes beyond not being a fan,” Cebull said. He agreed the email was racist, but said he personally was not.

“This is a private thing that was, to say the least, very poor judgment on my part,” he said.

Cebull was nominated to his current position by George W. Bush. He has served since 2008.

This is not the first instance of an official coming under fire for sending a racist Obama email.

In April 2011, an Orange County GOP official sent out an email with a photo of Obama’s face superimposed on the body of a baby chimpanzee. She made a public apology, saying she was an “an imperfect Christian” and she hadn’t thought about the cultural implications of the email before sending.

Richard Cebull


African-Native American Lives in America

Posted in mixed history, mixed media on October 18, 2011 by jerlina

A few months ago when I went to Seattle I saw posters for this exhibit, held at the Northwest African American Museum. I wanted to go but didn’t get around to it. Darn, I really should have gone. Well, this is a descroption of the exhibit:

From the Smithsonian comes an important and enlightening exhibition about the intersection of American Indian and African American people and cultures. IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas explores historical and contemporary stories of peoples and communities whose shared histories are woven into the fabric of American identity, but whose presence has long been invisible to many in the U.S.

Rabbit Proof Fence- Half Castes in Australia

Posted in mixed history, mixed media on November 2, 2010 by jerlina

I watched this movie a few years ago and thought it was boring. I want to watch it again, I doubt I would think it was boring this time around.

The basic idea is that in Australia there was a period when half white/ half Aboriginal children were taken from their homes and placed in re-education camps where they were taught to be servants for white people. They were supposedly being saved from their Aboriginal ancestry. Whoah. So this movie is about two young girls who escape from a camp and try and run home.  This makes me think that a book on multi-racial history is in order- we need a record of this crazy bullshit.

The Anarchist History of Multiracialism

Posted in mixed media on October 11, 2010 by jerlina

I want to tell you about a book and an essay entitled “Gone to Croatan: Origins of North American Dropout Culture.” First the essay was written by Hakim Bey and published in my favorite book Temporary Autonomous Zone and discusses the various “tri-racial” communities in America that were composed of people who dropped out of mainstream American culture during the colonial era and created their own racially mixed tribes. Then the book was written to expand on this topic and there are articles about the Ben Ishmaels, the African-Seminole Indians, the Metis people of Canada and many more. Each essay that composes this book is jaw dropping. I totally encourage you to check out the book and the article, they are really really really awesome.

Gone to Croatan” by Hakim Bey (I’d scroll halfway down and start there cause he’s kinda long winded.)

This is the amazon link to the book Gone to Croatan by James Koehnline and Ron Sakolsky:

Not All Mixed People are Perfect

Posted in mixed media on October 7, 2010 by jerlina

So while I was laying in bed last night I thought “Not all mixed people are that great” but my blog sure makes it seem that way. We aren’t all pretty and successful and nice and friendly. It got me thinking about the character Felisha from Friday. My cousin used to call me Felisha because of the faint resemblance. Well, Felisha has some problems. Don’t we all?  I thought I’d mention her here to add some balance to the “we’re all gonna be the next Barack Obama” kinda vibe I think this blog is developing. As for Felisha’s mixedness in the film, well that’s unclear but just look at her. She looks mixed to me!