About the Mixed Community


I started this blog after I found the online radio program Mixed Chicks Chat and was super inspired by them. I found them after looking on the web for resources which would help me think more about my own mixed-ness and really felt supported when I found the mixed chicks. I’ve been blogging about other stuff for a while so I decided I would join them online by posting about my own “mixed” experiences and random resources that I come across. Oh yeah, I also wanted to start this blog because I have lots of little mixed kids coming into my life via family members and friends and thought I could contribute to their lives if I learned more about the experience of being mixed and could pass on some tips to them one day. I love working on this blog but what I love even more is when people make comments and give me stuff to think about. So, comment people!




3 Responses to “About the Mixed Community”

  1. Hi,

    I just want to let you know that your blog is like a gateway to community I’m always looking for and always feeling short of. Thank you for putting your thoughts out there, I’ve been laughing and crying and feeling so much just because someone else has had the same experience as me. It feels grounding to have someone else say what I’ve been thinking and experiencing on my own, it feels liberating to know that this is not just my reality or perception and that the small things (like a hair salon experience) can connect me to other people who are of mixed ethnicity, identity, and experience in our respective cultures.

    Thank you thank you thank you,


  2. awesome alix, thanks for your post!

  3. This website has a lot of very helpful info on it. Cheers for sharing it with me.

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