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Self Hate or Self Love?

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2015 by jerlina

In this article entitled “Somebody Done Told You Wrong: Black Celebrities Who Say They’re Not African American” biracial and Afro-Carribean stars are called out for not identifying as African American. Obviously this kind of an article comes from a place of black pride and wanting to put on blast those who seem to not share that same pride or perhaps appear to be ashamed of their heritage. However, when you look at how the stars identify, shame does not appear to be the problem.

In a recent (wonderful) discussion I had with a friend i came to this realization: Black is to gay as biracial, Caribbean, African, Afro-European is to LGBTQ. It’s kind of all inclusive shorthand for “of African descent” just like gay is “not hetero-normative.” Neither term tell the entire story and neither term is exclusive of other ways of identifying. However, lots of folks take an either/or approach which leads them to saying things like “Im not Black, I am xyz” because they feel like they have to chose. However, I have decided to take the route of ” Both/ And” such as “I am both Black AND Biracial And human and a woman and awesome.”