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Listening to the Silence

Posted in my theories about race that are true on October 22, 2010 by jerlina

I was on a posting rampage for a while and then all of my energy around all things mixed came to a halt. I pretty much stopped thinking about this stuff. I’m in a new social environment where race has come up a few times but for the most part it hasn’t been a big deal. I wanted to record this moment- a moment when my racial identity isn’t a big deal. I feel silence and spaciousness around this issue. My interest and awareness of it have come to a halt for the moment, or rather it’s slowed down considerably.

So I’ll say it now: it’s possible to stop thinking about race for a while.


Paris and Michael Jackson II- Mixed Celebs?

Posted in mixed celebs on October 19, 2010 by jerlina

Last night I was listening to this comedy routine by Katt Williams and it was about Michael Jackson’s kids. He was expressing some scepticism about whether or not his blond haired/ blue eyed kids were really biologically related to him. He kept repeating that when a black man and a white woman get together their children are mixed. Well I’ve got to agree with the man. So then I wonder of these kids which seem so obviously adopted are dealing with their racial identities? Do they think that they are mixed? Does the world think that? I can hardly imagine what this might be like, especially since that is only a factor in a larger drama of their circusesque lives.

The Anarchist History of Multiracialism

Posted in mixed media on October 11, 2010 by jerlina

I want to tell you about a book and an essay entitled “Gone to Croatan: Origins of North American Dropout Culture.” First the essay was written by Hakim Bey and published in my favorite book Temporary Autonomous Zone and discusses the various “tri-racial” communities in America that were composed of people who dropped out of mainstream American culture during the colonial era and created their own racially mixed tribes. Then the book was written to expand on this topic and there are articles about the Ben Ishmaels, the African-Seminole Indians, the Metis people of Canada and many more. Each essay that composes this book is jaw dropping. I totally encourage you to check out the book and the article, they are really really really awesome.

Gone to Croatan” by Hakim Bey (I’d scroll halfway down and start there cause he’s kinda long winded.)

This is the amazon link to the book Gone to Croatan by James Koehnline and Ron Sakolsky:

Summer Camp for Multiracial/ Transracial Adoptee Kids

Posted in oakland on October 10, 2010 by jerlina

Of course Oakland has a summer camp targeting kids from multiracial families. I don’t think I would have wanted to go to something like this when I was a kid since there were a billion mixed kids at my schools in Oakland and Alameda, so being mixed felt like nothing special. However, it still might have been good for me over the long run. Here’s a link to their website:

Not All Mixed People are Perfect

Posted in mixed media on October 7, 2010 by jerlina

So while I was laying in bed last night I thought “Not all mixed people are that great” but my blog sure makes it seem that way. We aren’t all pretty and successful and nice and friendly. It got me thinking about the character Felisha from Friday. My cousin used to call me Felisha because of the faint resemblance. Well, Felisha has some problems. Don’t we all?  I thought I’d mention her here to add some balance to the “we’re all gonna be the next Barack Obama” kinda vibe I think this blog is developing. As for Felisha’s mixedness in the film, well that’s unclear but just look at her. She looks mixed to me!

Bruno Mars- I Like This Guy

Posted in mixed celebs on October 7, 2010 by jerlina

Today I saw on the cover of the Arts section of the New York Times a handsome light brown face and thought “who is that mixed guy?” Well his name is Bruno Mars and apparently he’s a big pop sensation. It didn’t take long for the writer to mention that this handsome man is half Filipino and half Puerto Rican which kinda means he is a whole lotta everything. He’s from Hawaii so it makes sense there but apparently he’s had trouble with record labels who can’t quite figure out what to make of him. Well he’s doing great now so i guess the whole mixed thing didn’t hurt him too much. Here’s the link to the NYT article and to a video of his he did with Cee-Lo who I also love.

Maya Rudolph of Saturday Night Live

Posted in mixed celebs, mixed media on October 6, 2010 by jerlina

OMG this woman is FUNNY. Her name is Maya and she was on SNL for a while and recently stared in a hipstery filk called “Away We Go.” Here she is on SNL as Whitney Houston followed by a little short video of her talking about being mixed. She’s half African American and Half Jewish (like most American mulattoes) and she is also Minnie Ripperton’s daughter.

Oh, I can’t resist also posting this preview of her latest film “Away We Go”